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Temporary workers take note – MONA Recruiting Module is 100% automated

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We know how challenging and time-consuming the recruitment process can be. From advertising the job to reviewing applications and finally hiring, every step requires precision, care and, above all, time. Time that is often in short supply.

But what if there was a way to simplify and speed up this entire process while improving the quality of recruitment results?

Therefore, today we would like to introduce you to a revolutionary AI-powered software solution that was specifically designed to automate the recruitment process from A to Z.

This innovative technology uses advanced algorithms to make the entire recruitment cycle more efficient and effective - because MONA AI is more than just a matching tool!

Why YOU need MONA AI! You can...

✅ Increase efficiency: Automated processes reduce manual work steps to a minimum. This saves valuable working time and allows you to concentrate on more strategic aspects of the business.

✅ Increase performance: The AI-powered software optimizes the matching process between candidates and job offers. It identifies the most suitable applicants faster and more precisely, which leads to higher employee satisfaction and lower turnover.

✅ Scaling: Whether you are just expanding or are already an established company, our software scales with your needs. It enables you to quickly adapt to changing market requirements and company sizes.

✅ Save costs: Automating the recruitment process can save significant costs. Less time and effort spent filling open positions means you can use your budget more effectively.


✅ Be faster: You get access to valuable data and analytics that will help you continuously optimize your recruiting strategy and be faster than the competition.

PS: Zum Abschluss möchten wir noch Eure Aufmerksamkeit auf die neueste Episode des Liebe Zeitarbeits-Podcast lenken. Darin führen Felix Adam und Daniel Müller am 10. April ein tiefgehendes Gespräch darüber, wie KI die Zeitarbeitsbranche revolutionieren kann. Das solltet ihr nicht verpassen, wenn ihr wissen wollt, wie die Technologie Eure Geschäftsprozesse optimieren kann.

Best regards

Thomas Jendes & Sales Team, MONA AI GmbH


Phone: 06861-8072926




Address: Campus Saarland University | Starter Centre, Building A1 1,

D-66123 Saarbrücken

Managing Director: Felix Adam

Commercial register number: HRB 108515

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