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Automated data collection
Increase your success rate and
Find the best talent with Mona

Game changer in recruiting.

One AI – numerous features.

Mona, an all-rounder.

Mona is a multitasking expert and therefore has

numerous powerful features and functions that allow them

brings valuable efficiency to your processes. The skills of a

Recruiters , dispatchers & HR managers ,

summarized in a single employee: Mona.


Employee recruitment.

Mona as a recruiter

Mona is your ideal recruiter, she conducts interviews independently and checks the applicants for their qualifications and knowledge.

In addition, it compares the requirements of your job advertisement with the qualifications of the applicant.

In the background, Mona can also create job descriptions and search for candidates for you.


laptop video call neu.png

Mona as dispatcher

Mona can support you in introducing new employees to your company and make the onboarding process effective.

She can discuss preliminary contracts with the new employees and sign them together with them.

Mona can also be a valuable support in the induction of new employees and, for example, explain the company's procedures and processes to them.


Human resources management.

Mona as HR Manager

Mona, as an HR manager, has extensive skills in this area. For example, she can keep employee files, manage employee data and create staff development plans.

In addition, she is able to conduct employee interviews and ensure employee satisfaction and motivation. She is a competent, reliable employee and is always available to answer applicants' questions.


Employees in focus!

Achieve more with less effort - our user-friendly ERP software is the solution to optimize your business processes and manage your employees effectively.

With our software, you can automate workflows, optimize personnel management and simplify payroll accounting. Our tool is intuitive to use and can be easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure.


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PersonalTIME is a powerful ERP software for temporary employment companies. With PersonalTIME, you can record and evaluate employees' working hours, plan and coordinate assignments, manage customer orders and create invoices.

The software also offers employee management features, such as managing personnel files and documents as well as payroll management.

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