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The following form must be completed in full, in order to ensure the smooth running of our hackathon event. 
If the form is not filled in, we cannot guarantee your participation! If the form has been completed successfully, a success message will appear.

If you register after 23.06.24, it is sufficient to fill out the following form!


Therefore, please fill in as soon as possible!

2nd form

Obligatory form

Do you have any restrictions or food allergies?
What equipment will you bring?
Challenge category
Coding-Languages that can be tested
CV Upload

If you want to, you can already upload your CV on a voluntary basis.

The form has been successfully completed! We are looking forward to next week :)

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I would like to read some general information:


28th June 2024

Saarland University, Innovation Center (2nd and 4th floor)

General information:
There will be one big challenge (full-time candidates) and several mini challenges (work-study students).

The prize (if you pass the challenge) is one of 7 jobs at a renowned company, here at the University of Saarbrücken.

Depending on the challenge won, there is also prize money of up to €500.

To take part in the big challenge, you must register in advance using the form.

Challenge tasks will only be announced on the day itself. No special programmes are required. A device with access to WLAN would be an advantage. Otherwise a network cable must be brought along. More information will follow.

There are no plans to form teams unless the number of participants is sufficient. Further information will be sent by e-mail :)

Procedure: (After registration via form)

Full-time candidates - 8 hours challenge
9:00: Check-In + late registrations
Technical set-up till 10:00 (you have to bring your own equipment)
From 10:00: Welcome Meet Up with drinks, talks and introductions
From 10:30-18:30: Challenge Time for full-time candidates


Work-study candidates - mini-challenges

From 11:30-12:30 Set-up time

12:30-15:00 First round of the mini-challenges

From 15:30 pm: Set-up time

16:30-18:00: Second round of the mini-challenges

When the time is up, the evaluation phase begins. The results will be presented and the winners announced at around 19:30-20:00.

Then the afterparty begins ;)

Contact us

Feel free to contact us for any questions.
Also possible via social media (EN/DE)



Telephone: +49 6861 807290

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